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Do you use any filters? 22nd April 2011 - 20:20

what effect did u use for your italy photos? 15th April 2011 - 19:56
I didn't use any presets. I just edited the curves, brightness/contrast, saturation, etc. like I do for other pictures.

what's your next photography purchase? 11th April 2011 - 15:29
I'm not sure. Maybe a lensbaby. I want everything!

Did you create/draw out your website background? 11th April 2011 - 15:29
I drew everything except the floral patterns. I got that from

Do you usually respond to emails or do they weird you out if they are not related to you work? 10th April 2011 - 04:28
I almost always respond to emails, but sometimes I read them on my phone with the intention of responding later & end up forgetting about them, haha. I try to get to them eventually though. They wouldn't weird me out unless there's a reason to be weirded out!

Do you have a Facebook Fan Page? Teeeh. :D 9th April 2011 - 00:54
Haha, no, I don't. But you can "like" my website by clicking the Like button on the main page :)

what kinda of tablet do you have? 8th April 2011 - 14:06
Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch. It's not one of Wacom's ~top of the line~ tablets; but it's cute, inexpensive, and it gets the job done!

Do you take pictures every day? 8th April 2011 - 11:04
No, but I wish I did! I've been taking less & less pictures lately and it makes me so sad.

did you grew up in the philippines? because usually filipinos who are born here don't speak tagalog that much! 6th April 2011 - 23:57
No. I went to school there for a year in first grade though, so that's how I learned. My young mind was still very moldable at that point.

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