b. 1988 Queens, NY
Advertising & Marketing Communications / Graphic Design

I am a 22 year old web and graphic designer from New York City. I was born & raised in Queens (minus a 1 1/2 year stint in the Philippines) and I am currently working and studying in Manhattan.

I have been a web and graphic designer since 2001 and I have been interested in photography since 2004. I tend to use bright and vibrant colors in the things I make/take. I am happy, overexposed, and saturated.

I hold various art-related positions at clubs and organizations that I am a member of. This includes working as the Creative Director for Encounters (Baruch College's literary arts magazine), the head Illustrator for The Ticker (Baruch College's weekly newspaper), Graphic Designer/Photographer for F.U.S.I.O.N. (Baruch College's Filipino Club), Design Editor/Photographer for Lexicon (Baruch College's yearbook), and Concert Photographer/Interviewer for Bandvibe.

I have also helped design graphics for the insurance company I worked for and I freelance whenever possible. Right now, I have a very busy schedule, but I am always up for new projects.